“Moments of Truth” in development

The concert reading of “Moments of Truth” under the auspices of 3Girls Theatre was gratifying and educational. We attracted an intelligent,  generous audience which nearly packed Tides Playhouse in San Francisco.The after-show talkback was extremely helpful, and we’re strategizing our rewrites for another reading April 20 at the Central Works Writers Workshop, where the work is being developed.

See the teaser trailer here. Videographer: Jim Norrena.

One audience member called it, “a modern old-fashioned musical,” and others praised it on our Facebook page as a “hilarious play and beautifully told,” “a wise and laugh-filled marriage of song and drama,” and  “funny and smart.” 3Girls Theatre made the evening easy, including helping us move a piano(!)  3Girls has a whole month of programming, starting with a gala grand opening March 9, and more free readings of new work. More here.

Our fantastic cast: Caroline Altman* as Nan, John Patrick Moore* as Gerald, Dyan McBride* as Chloe, Steve Rhyne as Bill, Andre, Ron and Taxi Driver. *Member, AEA.

Caroline’s and my friend, Randall Nott, took a few photos during the performance:

Caroline Altman as Nan and John Patrick Moore as Gerald in “Moments of Truth.”

Steve Rhyne as art collector Bill Schwartz. Steve played multiple roles throughout the evening.

Dyan McBride as Chloe, a purveyor of “shock art.”





Dyan McBride as Chloe sings “Optimism.”

John Patrick Moore as Gerald defends his honesty to his wife.

Caroline Altman as Nan, a struggling artist. Caroline also wrote the music and lyrics, and directed the reading.