Short Plays



20 minutes, 2f, 1m.

Laura Jane Coles threatens Heidi Wolff.

Part of a series of short plays on the subject of torture, this play follows Missy, a busybody on a US Army base. She pries into her neighbors’ affairs with shattering results. Published by Original Works publishing, this play was produced in San Francisco at Bay One Acts in 2008 and by Love Creek Productions, New York City, in 2009. “A disturbing slice of life . . . a chilling little tale designed for maximum emotional discomfort.” – Pat Craig, Contra Costa Times.   Find Busybody on

Though They May Be Parted

20 minutes. 3f.

This dark comedy about three grown siblings who clash at a funeral home during a viewing of their deceased mother’s body was produced at Woman’s Will Playfest 2.0 in 2010 and at Broadway West Theatre, Fremont, CA, in 2009.


In the Silence of Tangerine Groves

50 minutes, 2f, 2m.

Win is a perfume marketer who works hard and plays on the edge. Will an unexpected vacation chill her out, or drive her crazy? Produced by Pacifica Spindrift Players, 2008. This play was a finalist for the Estrogenius Festival, New York, 2009. It received a reading at the 2012 SF Olympians Festival, along with a rave review  for its “sharp writing” by George Heymont.



10 minutes. 1m, 1f.


JamieLee Roberts and Cory Tallman.

Will she stay . . .  or will she head out to join NASA? A real-life supernova that doesn’t quite self-destruct makes a sweet metaphor for this couple’s meltdown. Based on the true story of a supernova that was discovered by an eleven-year old girl in upstate New York. The play was produced at the San Francisco Exploratorium and in the SF Theater Festival in 2010, and in Sheherezade at the Phoenix Theatre in 2009. Another version of the play, “Slightly Crack’d,” was produced by the Paw Paw Players in Michigan in 2010. Read more about “Meltdown” here.


That’s the Way the Cookie Crumbles

10 minutes. 1f, 1m.

Amy has just been released from a psychiatric unit, and Bud wants to know what she did all day. Her answer leaves Bud with a question too frightening to contemplate. Produced at the Dragonfly Theater in Boston, 2007, and by Flush Ink Productions, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada in 2011.


Red Rover, Red Rover, Send Rocky Right Over

10 minutes. 1f, 2m.

Red Rover

From the Lakeshore Players 10-Min Play Festival

Rocky is a NASA scientist who built the Mars Rover. The Rover has landed on Mars and refuses to leave the mothership, because its hazard detector tells it the planet isn’t safe. Rocky is intervened on by a blonde astrophysicist from his past who convinces him to turn off the Rover’s — and his own — hazard detector, to see what happens. It premiered at Sheherezade in San Francisco in 2006, and at the Lakeshore Players in White Bear Lake, Minnesota that same year.


Her Own Devices

10 minutes. 4w, 4m.

A fun satire set at Evil Knevel High School in Bug Tussle, Texas. Darling daughters and their adoring daddies gather to take a purity oath. Then a guest speaker steps up with practical advice on how to stay pure for that one special maverick: get yourself a vibrator, a gun, and a big padlock for your bedroom door. The Woman in Black mesmerizes the crowd with her preaching style and ends up rescuing little Debbie Coombs from the clutches of her stepdaddy. A feminist Western with a lot of laughs. Produced in San Francisco, 2008.


Middle of the Road

10 minutes, 1m, 1f

A woman flees her broken-down car, strewing clothing from an unlatched suitcase all over the highway. A gallant ex-boyfriend comes to her rescue. What is he doing, there, on the side of the 880 freeway? A humorous tale that turns serious. Produced by Pianofight, San Francisco, 2010.


A Disturbance in the Farce

10 minutes. 2f, 3m.

Three men lose their pants in ten minutes in this French farce gone amok. Modern day terrorism and immigration worries invade a  usually-fluffy genre. Produced by PianoFight in 2009, and by Sheherezade 2006, both in San Francisco.


Fine Line

10 minutes, 2m, 1f

Fine Line

Rob Dario gets Alan Quismorio in a headlock.

Two enlisted men at Abu Ghraib discover their torture has gone too far in this play — one of several written in response to US torture. A grim, black comedy that was produced at the 2006 SF Fringe Festival and in an evening of short plays called “Something about Death,” in 2007, also in San Francisco.