LA Female Playwrights Initiative Interview


I was interviewed via email about the process of fairy tale adaptation by Laura Shamas of the LA Female Playwrights Initiative. Laura is a writer and mythologist (see her website here), and the LA FPI is a grassroots resource and advocacy group for women playwrights in Southern California which Laura co-founded with playwright Jennie Webb.

I jumped at the chance, of course. Who doesn’t like to talk about her baby?

A word about the LA FPI, in their own words: “As a local movement working toward fair representation of women playwrights on stage, the LA FPI encourages the involvement of theatermakers and theatergoers who support our goals. We also want to connect female playwrights living in Los Angeles to other women theater artists, organizations, and the theater community in LA and beyond.”

They recently started the #ShareAScene hashtag on Twitter, for playwrights to get their work out there.

Read the  interview here.