“Believers” in Monterey

Grace and her frogI’m excited that “Believers” has been selected for the Paper Wing Theater 2nd Annual Summer Play Reading Series. Its intimate Paper Wing Theatre Fremont, located at 2115 N. Fremont Street, will be playing host to the public reading of 14 new plays written by Californian playwrights. With one Saturday rehearsal, the cast familiarizes themselves with the roles and they briefly work with a director. The following day, Sunday, the cast sits in a semicircle dressed in black to dramatically read the dialogue with minimal dramatic direction. The playwrights get a chance to hear their work performed by talented actors on a stage and the audience is invited to participate by offering their feedback.

This is a rare opportunity for playwrights to have their scripts work shopped and to receive constructive opinions from an avid audience. This is also a unique opportunity for the public to experience the birthing of a play! One play may be chosen by the company to be produced at Paper Wing Theatre in its 2016 season.

Sunday, July 12, at 6 p.m. at Paper Wing Theater, 2115 N. Fremont, Monterey, CA 93940.

Pictured: Maria Giere Marquis as Grace. Photo credit: Jim Norrena.