The Big Three

threeOctober is sizzling! I had a wonderful 24-Hour Playfest — where my play, A NEW PERSPECTIVE, was well-received.

I am launched into a month that will see readings of three of my plays.

First off, DRIVEN, a Christmas comedy for four women, was read October 1 at City Lights Theatre in San Jose. My stellar cast included Anna Lee, Blythe Murphy, Mary Lou Torre and Jan Carty Marsh, and directed by Jacquelyn Montellato. We had a blast! My Santa hat is off to all of them.

My short play, THOUGH THEY MAY BE PARTED, will be read Saturday, October 5, at 8 pm, by Between Us Productions, Directors’ Studio, 311 W. 43 St. 4th floor. This is the play I am expanding into BEREFT, so it’s exciting that there is interest in the shorter work. The premise is three sisters in a funeral home, and one is seeking forgiveness and reconciliation. How do you get that when the person you need it from is dead?

Finally, LOSING IT is slated to be read at Playwrights Center of SF on October 28. I am anxious to get that play in its final shape.