SART ScriptFEST: an exciting weekend

I had the opportunity to visit Asheville, NC and enjoy a reading of “Not Without Our Women” with my collaborators Caroline Altman and Andrew Black. The reading was well received by a very engaged audience. While we had a ridiculously short rehearsal time – just four hours – the cast rose to the occasion, and several seasoned professionals knocked it out of the park. The play’s theme of the winding progress of human rights resonated with everyone, it seems.

The other readings included “A Tennesse Walk” by Rob Anderson and “Assisted Living” by Rich Rubin. Unfortunately, we missed the fourth reading (it coincided with our rehearsal): “The Vanishing Point” by Nedra Pezold.

Many thanks to all the SART volunteers, including our director Josh Miller, LoriLynn Mullett and Sharon Anderson, and SART Artistic Director Bill Gregg.