“[Ms. Milton is a] sexy indy playwriting genius” – PianoFight, via Twitter

Without Mercy

“Gripping … Twists in the plot are jaw-dropping. In Without Mercy, Milton has written a suspenseful, heart-breaking, tightly-woven one-act in which, through her characters under Richard D. Harder’s astute direction, she raises important legal, ethical, and social questions in one’s own mind regarding life, murder, and death.” ~Gaetana Caldwell-Smith, Bay Area Theatre Critics Circle

“Milton’s smart script continues to reveal layers of their characters … Without Mercy is a thought-provoking look at the myriad ways people respond to tragedy.” ~Leslie Katz, San Francisco Examiner

“The script has classical overtones. The actors don’t use physical masks but play as though they had trunkfuls. The performance is a competition among hubris-bearing mortals contributing to their own fatal and fateful undoing.” ~Jim Strope, San Francisco Salvo

Hearts of Palm

Hearts of Palm is a “wildly funny satire … Milton’s script is surprisingly sophisticated.” – Charles Kruger,, Notable San Francisco

“Hearts of Palm is a wonderful play. Fascinating; filled with delicious dramatic tension, and raising challenging questions.” – Julie Motz, KWMR Radio

[Hearts of Palm is] “engaging, well-performed by the cast and solidly directed … And if it inspires anyone in the audience to pay more attention to domestic companies’ shady practices abroad, so much the better.” – S. Hurwitt, SJ Mercury News

“As seen in her previous award-winning play and other works, Milton is a pro at blending painfully direct and on-point social and/or political commentary with comedy and relatable characters—making for a must-see show!”     – Kim Cohan, Theatre Bay Area

“Fear not; Milton leaves no would-be white savior unquestioned — or unscathed.” — Lily Janiak, SFGate

“With three women determined to mesh their employers’ political agendas with their personal feminist goals and a male buffoon who thinks he’s a white savior … there is intrigue, jealousy, professional territorialism, and stupidity to spare. … Hearts of Palm draws plenty of laughs from the audience with some well-targeted zingers.” – George Heymont, Huffington Post

“[Hearts of Palm] melds sharp political insights with comic personal exposure… high comedy and satire.” – Barry David Horowitz, Theatrius

“Huh?” – Eddie Reynolds, Theatre Eddys

Enemies: Foreign and Domestic

**** “Enemies: Foreign and Domestic will keep you laughing, thinking, and completely engaged for its 90-minute running time. For its author, the prolific Patricia Milton, it marks a leap forward into the big leagues. Highly recommended.”  – Charles Kruger, Theatrestorm

A stunningly intelligent and politically provocative dramedy which contains four impressive and powerful roles for women… Milton’s tightly-crafted play is a tense family drama with overtones of government abuse as well as family violence. In terms of raw theatre, this a powerful sight to see (make no mistake, Milton’s new play is the perfect vehicle for regional artistic directors seeking a drama written by a female playwright with four solid roles for women). ENEMIES: Foreign and Domestic inaugurates the 25th season of world premieres from CentralWorks with a bold new piece of theatre guaranteed to challenge any audience’s comfort zone. – George Heymont, Huffington Post

“Don’t miss.” – SFGate

“Enemies: Foreign and Domestic is a wickedly funny black comedy that relates an intimate history of family trauma and abuse while drawing fascinating parallels between domestic abuse, terrorism, and the waging of war.” – Charles Kruger, ‘Notable San Francisco’

“Not to be missed.” – Julie Motz, KWMR Radio. Listen to the full review on the audio player below:


Moments of Truth

“A charming little chamber musical … a gem.” – Richard Connema, For All Events

**** “The book of Patricia Milton really shines in this new musical. Coupled with excellent timing of direction of Louis Parnell, the dialogues and interactions are packed with both comedic gems and soul-touching probes and confrontations…  All in all, Moments of Truth is a worthy new creation that leads us each to contemplate those times in our lives when we have lost confidence in the innate strengths of our abilities and/or relationships. The new musical also joins a long line of works focusing on the making of art and its effects on the lives around that act; and in my book, those works are usually well worth the night out.” – Eddie Reynolds, Theatre Eddys

“Milton’s breezy dialogue finds both the humor and anxiety of the situations…Moments of Truth has an easygoing charm – and that’s no lie.” – Richard Dodds, Bay Area Reporter


“[Believers is a] lively and often sharply funny outing.” – Robert Hurwitt, San Francisco Chronicle

Believers is the work of a sometimes bracingly original mind with a smart sense of humor, an apocalyptic imagination and a healthy distrust of pharmaceutical solutions and corporate ethics. Even at their most outlandish, Milton’s slightly futuristic situations are rooted in some frightening realities.” – Robert Hurwitt, San Francisco Chronicle

“Playwright Patricia Milton has good comic chops and there are plenty of laughs to be found in this light-hearted romance. Actors Casey Fern and Maria Giere Marquis are charming as Rocky and Grace, the battling researchers. . . . It is clearly stage worthy and deserves repeated productions.”  – Charles Kruger, TheatreStorm

 Reduction in Force

Reduction in Force es una obra teatral recomendable, no se la pierda. (highly recommended – don’t miss it.)”  -Mario Echevarria, SF Tribune, Bay Area Critics Circle

” . . . local playwright Patricia Milton has crafted a piece about the Icarus Wealth Management Group . . . a hilarious lampoon of corporate culture, Reduction in Force combines comedy with intrigue and a healthy dose of satire.” Elana McKernan, Theatre Bay Area Magazine

“I’ve never been so engrossed in a play. It’s diabolical and fun. The ending will throw you for a loop. Not only is the sly humor sensational – this is a riveting and mesmerizing play.” – Lee Hartgrave, BeyondChron

It definitely is an Edge of the Seat evening. Satire of the highest level.  – Lee Hartgrave, BeyondChron

“Fascinating characters in new play ‘Reduction in Force’ at Berkeley City Club. Patricia Milton’s play is remarkable.” – Lee Hartgrave, BeyondChron (via Twitter)

“Patricia Milton, in collaboration with director Gary Graves, the cast and crew, has come up with a farce–turning into a frenetic doorslammer–with a barrage of satiric dialogue and one-liners.– Ken Bullock, Berkeley Daily Planet

“It’s fast and funny, with constant hilarious reversals.” – Ken Bullock, Berkeley Daily Planet

“A timely, witty farce … Patricia Milton’s very funny, three-character spoof of our ongoing economic crisis . . . with impeccable timing, drawing hilarious, deeply committed performances from all three actors” – Jean Schiffman,  SF Examiner

“The play is clever and funny…and a pleasure to watch overall” – E. Wornimont, Benicia Herald

“Force” is a timely comedy . . . Milton has packed the play with very funny lines.” –Robert Hurwitt, SF Chronicle

“Reduction in Force is that all too-rare theatrical bird:  an intelligent, fast-moving farce about high-risk dysfunctional behavior in the nation’s most precarious financial markets.” – G. Heymont, Huffington Post   

“Vastly entertaining. . .  For anyone who has played the stock market, lost money in the stock market, or hates the people who specialize in manipulating the stock market, this show is not to be missed.” – George Heymont, Huffington Post

“Directed by Scot Atkinson and Beth Tantanella, the fast-paced farce brings a steady stream of laughs from its hardworking cast. . . Milton’s script builds the action steadily and with enough reversals to heighten the door-slamming, hiding-behind-the-desk comic tension. . .” Erin Keane, WFPL Louisville

In the Silence of Tangerine Groves

“Smartly written and performed with a zeal for finding a quieter source of inner strength, I can easily see it gaining popularity as a one-act attraction during Fringe and/or Women’s Festivals.” – George Heymont, Huffington Post


“A disturbing slice of life . . . a chilling tale designed for maximum emotional discomfort.” – Pat Craig, Contra Costa Times

 It’s Murder, Mary!

“Hilarious, high-spirited fun for everyone. . . Irresistible! Four glasses of champagne (highest rating)!” – Lee Hartgrave, BeyondChron

 Strange Bedfellows

“Happily, ‘Bedfellows’ does poke fun of every political persuasion and sexual orientation around, both real and stereotypical. The result is a wacky comedy for the early 21st century, steeped in the ever-juicy back-room wheeling and dealing that has always characterized American politics.

In lesser hands, the play’s succession of zany scenarios and zippy one-liners would be mere throwaways. Here, the jokes serve the story and characters. Another plus is the reliable comic timing of Cordova’s cast members, who fire off their lines at rapid speed while doing justice to the script’s rhythms and sharpest edges.” – Orange County Register

“A wondrous ride. With its expert plot and engaging characters, this play is a winner.” – Ute Von der Hayden, CityPulse, Lansing, MI 

 P*rn Yesterday

“. . . just the right mix of poignancy and laughter in this saucy tale of one man’s struggle toward redemption.” –