Reduction in Force

Kendra Lee Oberhauser as Gabby Deed

“Reduction in Force” is an economic comedy about ass-kissing, back-stabbing, and survival of the sneakiest. The timely three-hander (2f, 1m) examines minute-by-minute ethical decisions made by employees of Icarus Financial Services during a massive layoff. What happens when people are reduced to commodities, and fraud is the preferred way of doing business? A reduction in force puts career secretary Anita Green on the chopping block.  Will she keep her job or her self-respect?  An hilarious clusterf*** of backstabbing, ageism, class warfare, and—romance!

“Fascinating characters in new play ‘Reduction in Force’ at Berkeley City Club. Patricia Milton’s play is remarkable . . . diabolical and fun” (Lee Hartgrave, BeyondChron)

“Patricia Milton’s very funny, three-character spoof of our ongoing economic crisis . . . [is a] timely, witty farce” (Jean Schiffman, SF Examiner)

“A hilarious lampoon of corporate culture, ‘Reduction in Force’ combines comedy with intrigue and a healthy dose of satire.” (Elana McKernan, Theatre Bay Area Magazine).

“Reduction in Force” was commissioned by and received a world premiere at Central Works Theatre in Berkeley, CA in 2011. A Central Works Method play, it was developed in collaboration with Gary Graves, Michaela Goldhaber, John Patrick Moore, Kendra Lee Oberhauser, Gregory Scharpen and Jan Zvaifler.

“Reduction in Force” was awarded “Best Local Play” in the 2011 Broadway World San Francisco Theatre Awards.

Photo: Kendra Lee Oberhauser as Gabby Deed by Jay Yamada.