“Reduction in Force” opens in Louisville

RIF“Reduction in Force” gets a production at the Bard’s Town Theatre in Louisville, KY beginning July 25.

From the Downtown Louisville Neighborhood News: “This is our first production of a full-length play gleaned from the open submission process. Of the some 400 submissions, Patricia’s work stood out as phenomenal writing that fits our space perfectly,” says Executive Artistic Director Doug Schutte. “Patricia is a playwright we will work with for a long time to come. Audiences are going to love this play.”

The play is also featured in WFPL News:

“Class warfare is played for laughs in the script, but Steiger says many of the play’s farcical details are actually based on real financial sector situations and events, like the moat surrounding the corporation’s headquarters that’s modeled on a similar feature outside the JP Morgan Chase building in Columbus, Ohio.”

“It’s a really funny satire. There’s a lot of physical comedy in it, and it’s a very timely play,” says [Amy] Steiger. “I’m really interested in things that draw attention to the economic system.”

Read the whole article here.

Unfortunately, an economic comedy about employees getting screwed in a layoff is still very topical.


PHOTO: Ben Gierhart, Amy Steiger and Natalie Fields in “Reduction in Force” at The Bard’s Town.