Not Without Our Women

The big, rousing musical story about woman’s suffrage in Wyoming, on which I collaborated with Caroline Altman and Andrew Black, has got a new website, complete with songs, video, and you can even download the script.

“Not Without Our Women” examines a little-known historical fact: Wyoming women received and sustained the right to vote nearly 50 years before the 19th amendment enfranchised all US women. (And, of course, the ERA never passed.)

The history of spotty justice and human rights that are granted —and then taken away— are strikingly similar to the struggle for marriage equality today. Even arguments from the bible and accusations of “socialism” are the identical, 150 years down the road.

Visit the music and photos page, here.

Watch our videos, here.

Pictured: Brian Yates-Sharber (Thomas Jefferson Howard) and Dyan McBride (Golden Feather) sing “Outside.” Both are members, AEA. Photo by Jim Norrena.