“Not Without Our Women” concert readings

The story of human rights over time has been one of “three steps forward, one step back.” As various disenfranchised groups have sought their places at the table, experience suggests that for each success, there is a failure. Each painful setback is often followed by a breakthrough.

The musical play “Not Without Our Women,” by Andrew Black, Caroline Altman, and me, tells the story of a critical episode in the development of rights for women. In the mid 1800s, the radical notion that a woman might vote, hold public office, or own her own property as an unmarried individual was unthinkable. This new musical, based upon real people and events, explores what happened when the territory of Wyoming instituted woman suffrage, attracting independent women to the wild frontier.

Come to a free concert reading of “Not Without Our Women” March 12 or 13, 2012, at Thick House in Portrero Hill. It’s co-produced by 3 Girls Theatre Company, along with my writing partners Andrew Black and composer Caroline Altman.