Moments of Truth a finalist

7903491-ergonomic-artist-s-palette-isolated-over-a-white-backgroundMoments of Truth, a musical-in-progress by Caroline Altman and me, is a finalist for the Women in Arts and Media Collaboration Award.

The Collaboration Award: Women Working With Women is designed to encourage professional women in the arts and media to work collaboratively with women from other arts and media specializations on the creation of new work. The award honors successful collaborations among women from different specializations in the arts and media. An award will be made to one winning collaborative team. Two other teams will be honored with a Certificate of Achievement. Eligible teams are those collaborating on a new work, a completed work or a work-in-progress. Winning collaborative teams will be invited to the Collaboration Award Gala celebrating the awards.

This is almost too close to the “Jumeaux Award,” which characters Nan and Chloe are competing in the play. I guess it must have been irresistible.

Moments of Truth Reading from Patricia Milton on Vimeo.