“Mission: Irresistible” premieres 5/11 in San Francisco

“Mission: Irresistible” debuts in Sheherezade XII, May 11

In “Mission: Irresistible,” the Russia’s troubled Phobos-Grunt Mars Probe, stuck in the wrong orbit for more than a month, has experienced a fiery and uncontrolled fall back to Earth. The same can be said for NASA administrators Wanda’s and Bill’s relationship. Can a Russian astrophysicist make an emergency repair?

This 10-minute comedy with a wacky, offbeat, and sweet sensibility will lead off an evening of short plays produced by Wily West Productions and The Playwrights Center of San Francisco in “Sheherezade,” May 11-26 at Stagewerx in San Francisco.

“A Russian delegate (Diana Brown as the dynamically convincing Russian female) attempts to seduce two of NASA’s serious minded astronaut representatives (Lila Tavelli and Wesley Cayabyab) into partnering with Russia.” -Annette Lust, Bay Area Theatre Critics Circle