“Enemies” press and media

Maura Halloran, photo by Jim Norrena
Maura Halloran, photo by Jim Norrena

Maura Halloran as Bridget. Photo by Jim Norrena.

“A stunningly intelligent and politically provocative dramedy . . . Milton’s tightly-crafted play is a tense family drama with overtones of government abuse as well as family violence. . .  Enemies: Foreign and Domestic inaugurates the 25th season of world premieres from Central Works with a bold new piece of theatre guaranteed to challenge any audience’s comfort zone.”  – George Heymont, Huffington Post

Enemies: Foreign and Domestic was featured as a “Don’t-Miss Bay Area performance” on SFGate.com.

Four StarsCharles Kruger of Theatrestorm gives Enemies four stars. He wrote: “‘Enemies’ will keep you laughing, thinking and completely engaged for its 90-minute running time. Highly recommended.”

Kruger wrote for “Notable San Francisco: “Enemies: Foreign and Domestic is a wickedly funny black comedy that relates an intimate history of family trauma and abuse while drawing fascinating parallels between domestic abuse, terrorism, and the waging of war.”

tba recommendedEnemies has the honor of being a Theatre Bay Area Awards “Recommended Production,” as chosen by adjudicators from various Bay Area theatre companies and non-affiliated theatre professionals.

Susan Fairbrook of the Theatre Play by Play blog calls Enemies “absorbing and insightful . . . intense, but often funny. Complex  themes of abuse, racism, sibling rivalry and survival cross over and under the individual stories of the women and their interactions.”

“Every inch of [the stage is] creatively utilized by director Gary Graves, the production team (with particular subtlety by music and sound maestro Gregory Scharpen) and the splendid, true ensemble…is like a gyroscope, spiraling down to the bitter truth, yet whirling out complexities of dialogue and gestural action, riding on a string of dark humor … More than charity begins at home.” ~Ken Bullock, Berkeley Daily Planet

“[Enemies] is a brilliant and dynamic play at Central Works in Berkeley. Great dialogue, sharp humor, and wrenching emotional roller-coasting lead to a haunting ending . . . Not to be missed.” ~Julie Motz, KWMR