“Bill Roll” reading at Southern Railroad Theater Company

Bill Roll

My new short play, “Bill Roll,” will be read by the company of the Southern Railroad Theater Company (SRCT) in an evening of short play readings Monday, January 21, 2013.

My friend Ann Thomas will act in the play, accompanied by Eric Nelson and Robert Cooper. The piece will be directed by Mercedes Segesvary. “Bill Roll” involves love and a magic trick, deception, and a happy ending.

“Resolutions: I Do Declare!” takes place Monday, January 21, 2013 at 8 pm, and doors open 7:30. At Royce Gallery, 2901 Mariposa Street, San Francisco. Complimentary coffee, wine, snacks provided by Royce Gallery.

SRTC’s mission is to bring the true Southern experience to the Bay Area, “one hush puppy at a time”—from the perspectives of the producers—Susan Jackson, the daughter of a Southern minister and a former Tar Heel, and Diana Brown, raised by a daughter of Texas and a son of Oklahoma, was baptized in a river at sunset.

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