Comedy. 2f, 2m.

Love. Drugs. Unexpected side effects.

BelieversResearcher Rockwell Wise believes a love vaccine will solve the problems of the world — and keep his own heart safe.

Drug developer Grace Wright wants to create a love activator that will reintroduce passion and romance to a devastated world.

Their past returns to haunt both of them, when Grace is hired to lead Rocky’s development team in the midst of a company crisis.

“Believers” is inspired by the Grimm’s fairy tale, The Frog King, and takes place in a pharmaceutical lab in the immediate dystopian future. It was selected for Playwrights Revolution at Capitol Stage Company in Sacramento, CA, in 2010, and was part of Wily West Production’s 2011 new play reading series.

“Believers” premiered August 2, 2012 at StageWerx in San Francisco, as part of Wily West Productions’ 2012 season, directed by Sara Staley, with live music by Rick Homan. Cast: Casey Fern, Maria Giere Marquis, Jon Fast, and Kate Jones.

It was produced in 2016 by Paper Wing Theatre, Monterey, CA. It was adapted into Turkish and produced in Istanbul in February 2016 by Levanta Productions.

Watch the video trailer here.

My interview with Los Angeles Female Playwrights Initiative.

Podcast interview with 3Girls Theatre Producing Director AJ Baker.

Believers photos by Jim Norrena


Patricia Milton has good comic chops and there are plenty of laughs to be found in this light-hearted romance. . . It is clearly stage worthy and deserves repeated productions.” ~Charles Kruger, TheatreStorm, member, Bay Area Theatre Critics Circle

. . . a lively and often sharply funny outing . . . Believers is the work of a sometimes bracingly original mind with a smart sense of humor, an apocalyptic imagination and a healthy distrust of pharmaceutical solutions and corporate ethics. Even at their most outlandish, Milton’s slightly futuristic situations are rooted in some frightening realities. . . [Kate] Jones displays a natural gift for comedy, and [Maria Giere] Marquis’ sincere and wily Grace instills a belief in “Believers” that keeps the play on track. Between her, Milton’s smart plot twists and the muskrats (don’t ask), there’s a lot here to enjoy.” ~Robert Hurwitt, SF Chronicle

Audience feedback from the Playwrights Revolution reading:

I enjoyed this play immensely, partly because it was wickedly funny and beautifully crafted, and partly because it was so well acted. . . for a story to be so well told was a thing of beauty to watch. I know that Patricia is still wanting to tinker with this in its workshop stage. But in my mind, it seemed like a finished product. . . . I also want to say thanks to you for bringing this type of artistry in story telling to our community. I love it.