“Believers” reading scheduled


I will have a table reading of “Believers” November 19 with the Central Works writing group. The cast will be Chris Morell as Rocky, Gabi Patacsil as Grace, Amy Prosser as April, and Harold Smith as Sam: a fantastic group!

In this rewrite I worked to “activate” my protagonist, Rocky, whom I saw as too passive. Because he doesn’t have the actual skills to create the love vaccine himself, Rocky must depend on Grace to do it. She objects to the very idea, and insists a love activator is the way to go. This makes for comic conflict, but Rocky was not taking enough action. I think I have fixed that issue.

I also did some tweaking in the characters of April and Sam, and their own lovelorn states. Believers

UPDATE: The reading was amazing: the play moves swiftly, the laughs are generous, the characters distinct and very funny. A few tweaks and this script is good to go!