Bamboozled to premiere at Central Works

I’m excited to announce that BAMBOOZLED is scheduled for a world premiere early next year in Berkeley, California. During the season announcement event, here’s what I said:

Fact:  the US market for Confederate memorabilia is a billion-dollar business.

I have always been fascinated by what we value, and what it costs us. That curiosity led me to research Confederate heirlooms and monuments, and over the last few years, to write BAMBOOZLED. In the play, we follow Abby, an antiques appraiser from L.A. She finds herself stranded in Collierville, Tennessee… where she is accused by an angry Daughter of the Confederacy of undervaluing a trunk full of the family’s precious Confederate antiques.

You can peruse the info at this site to see some of my inspiration and research. All gratitude again to the people who have helped make this possible, including Rebekah Pierce, Erin Merritt, Suze Allen, PCSF, and, not least, Gary Graves and Jan Zvaifler at Central Works. Casting is underway and workshops begin at the end of November!

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