Arts Letters & Numbers Residency


In September, I’ll be artist in residence at Arts Letters & Numbers. It’s a non profit arts, education and publishing organization dedicated to fostering creative exchange across a wide range of disciplines, including Architecture, Visual Arts, Theatre Arts, Film, Music, Humanities, Sciences and Social Sciences. Arts, Letters & Numbers conducts workshops in educational and cultural institutions worldwide in collaboration with theatre companies, artists, writers, actors, musicians and filmmakers. It operates an ongoing series of educational workshops, performances and film productions at ‘The Mill’ located in Upstate, NY.

Arts Letters & Numbers proposes a new model in the art of teaching and learning, an emergent structure for questions and works; a school, a theater company, a film company and a publishing company all inside of each other, all creating transformation.

I’m excited to complete a draft of my latest play, and stop by New York City for some theatre!