A new life for “Cat Ladies”

Martha Rynberg as Kitty.

As you may know, my monologue “Kitty’s Prescription,” directed by Rachel Bublitz, and performed with feline imperturbability by Martha Rynberg, was recently featured in an evening of solo performances. “Women in Solodarity: Cat Ladies,” was produced by All Terrain Theatre and played to sold-out houses in April. The show was a part of the international Home Theatre Festival, where plays and performances all over the world were going on in people’s houses. Its second act was an extended excerpt from “Pussy,” written and performed by the wonderful Maura Halloran.

Alas, the whole shebang sold out before it even opened, and many people were left purr-plexed, and still wanting to see the show. Well, it’s back, for two nights only! June 10 and 11, 2013, at the Downward Dog in Berkeley, CA.